Most Healthcare workers lack knowledge about diabetes

Study: Most workers lack knowledge about diabetes

MADURAI: A Diabetic Education and Prevention study conducted on workers in Tuticorin shows that there is prevalence of diabetes among 23% of the organized and unorganized workers and, of the total sample, only 30 per cent of the workers have knowledge of relevant and verified information regarding the disease.
The study tested the level of awareness that the workers had about diabetes mellitus and how correct the information they possessed was. It was based on pre-tested interview schedule; parameters such as level of information possessed, perception of risk, prevalence of diabetes, myths and misconceptions that prevail about diabetes and other general factors such as food intake, health status, etc., were tested.

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The results from this study show that diabetes is prevalent amongst 23 per cent of the workers while 10 per cent are at risk and in pre-diabetic stages. Among the diabetic, only 21 per cent regularly exercise and only 32 per cent of them take regular treatment for it. Seven per cent of the diabetic workers have never even considered any treatment for their disease. Fifty eight per cent of the patients say allopathic treatment is better for diabetes. Of the entire sample, only 30 per cent had correct information regarding what diabetes is and its effects. Ignorance about the disease is such that 74 per cent of the diabetic population consumes rice thrice a day. The study has brought to light the ubiquitous ignorance about a disease as prevalent as diabetes mellitus and the importance of educating the people about it.

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