The Power of Antimicrobial Silver Carbon Wound Dressing by Equinox Medical

The Power of KoCarbon Ag Antimicrobial Silver Carbon Wound Dressing

Power Of KoCarbon Ag Antimicrobal Silver Carbon Wound Dressing


  • Clinically tested with 97% ammonia deodorizing rate
  • Absorbs Malodors, endotoxins and bacteria in the wound site
  • Gram-negative bacteria release endotoxins when drestoyed and the silver carbon wound dressing help absorps the endotoxins into the dressing.
  • Helps contain and absorps bacteria including E.Coli, P. Aeruginosa and S. Aureus and many more

Far-Infrared Ray Emitting

  • Increase tissue temperature and blood volume
  • Increase the secretion of collagen fiver and TGF-ß
  • Far-Infrared Ray (FIR) inhibit inflamation
  • Protects  cells from apoptosis after ischemia/reperfusion injury

X-ray and MRI Examination

  • Can stay on during X-ray or MRI Examination

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